What's Special About TiaraOnline?
Tiara wearing is joyous, fun, and feminine

I admit it, I am biased. Sometimes, if I have a mad moment, I look at factory made tiaras, all soldered units and hard bands and I sigh. Sadly.

You might have landed right here in this spot to ask me why you'd buy one of my tiaras?

Firstly, I care deeply about your tiara...every one is made with all the love and care I put into something I would wear myself.

I make the band by hand...this is fundamental to your comfort whilst wearing the tiara or crown. A mass produced band is a strip of metal or plastic - and it will grip your head and give you a good tight squeeze...just great for that wedding night headache.

The bands I make are flexible, they will fit your head...adjust them gently to the shape of your own head and you might not even know your tiara is there...though you might get a funny tingling sensation from everyone looking at your sparkly head.

I use only the best 'ingredients'; I admit it, I am a squirrel, I love collecting beautiful sparkly things. I love putting them in jewellery and tiaras, and I love thinking about what the recipient will say when she opens the box. I make everything very very carefully...no sharp bits, no ouchy bits, no falling to pieces, every one is handmade, special, and individual.

A lot of my work is custom-made especially for you; your choice of wire, colours, Swarovski, even your choice of designs - I can work with you from one of my existing designs on the site, or I can work with you on something you are dreaming of.

I also offer a selection of 'Heirloom Tiaras' (obviously, I hope that they all qualify for that distinction, but these are true one of a kinds.)
I use a rare, vintage or antique item of jewellery and I build a fresh new tiara around it; perfect for brides who would like to wear their Gran's brooch as 'something old' but want a more contemporary piece.

You will not be a 'standard issue' bride wearing a standard issue tiara...

Believe it or not, tiara wearing is on the up. Brides and bridesmaids wear them to their weddings; wedding guests order tiaras...(please don't upstage your bride!), to balls, to graduations, to midsummer nights feasts, to plays, to proms, carnivals, I've made surprise tiaras, and sometimes people just want one for the joy of it because they love butterflies, or love pink, or because one day they might just wear one down to Tesco's (ok, actually I made that last one up, but you get my drift...)

Tiara wearing is joyous, fun, and feminine

I hope that everyone will pass on their tiara to their best friend, their sister, to their daughter, and maybe even their grand-daughter...I want to make you something that will last, endure, and will be loved, something that will be another reminder of a very special occasion.

I hope this has given you an idea of how TiaraOnline can help you find your special tiara - if you would like to chat about your own tiara, please contact me on --- e-mail....


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