Tiaras, Crowns, Coronets, Hairgrips, Head-dresses, Combs/Slides, and Hair Wraps...where do you start?

Crowns, Coronets, or Tiaras...what's the difference?   To make this easy, I have divided my work into sections...firstly,

Tiaras...whether you intend to wear your hair down or up, curly or straight, with or without a veil, tiaras are worn towards the front of the head or some can be worn 'alice band' style and mine are all on my handmade flexible wire bands with loops at the end so you have the choice to fix yours in with hairgrips if you feel you should need to - however, with the band being flexible, you will be able to bend it gently to the shape of your own head and it (should) stay put, comfortably, for the whole day; many brides choose to wear their tiaras as chokers after their special day and you can do this by threading ribbon through the loops.

Heirloom Tiaras...my own creations of tiaras featuring vintage or antique pieces of jewellery which are then 'upcycled' into a new wearable piece of jewellery or tiara. Due to the vagaries of the availabililty of vintage jewellery the one you see is the only one in the world, ever.

Coronets are small crowns, a circular band onto which the design is wired all the way round.  Lighter and more delicate than crowns, they are generally worn on the top of the head, often being used to encircle swept up hair.   If you intend to wear a veil with your coronet, attach it to the back of the coronet and let it fall down your back.    Also ideal for bridesmaids if the bride wears a crown, and of course, if you see a coronet that you like, I can make you a crown to match, and vice versa - please just ask for details!

Crowns are bigger and grander than coronets - again, circular bands on which the design sits and continues all round the band, they can be worn with hair down or up, these fit round the head so you do not need to fix the crown in any way.

Hairgrips or pins - I can make hairgrips to match most designs, and these could be worn in multiples instead of a tiara or as an additional accent - perfect for understated elegance, civil weddings and for bridesmaids, these grips or pins will give your hair that final sparkle!  These can be matched to your colour schemes.

Combs or Slides - these are the combs that attach to hair with 'teeth' and again and can be made from metal or plastic and are often worn in buns or pleats in the hair - with some combs which sit upright these can be worn as mini-tiaras - I can make combs or slides to match most styles of tiara, crowns or coronets.

Hairvines - I can make up a length of 'invisible' wire containing a selection of beads and crystals used in your tiara, crown or coronet, for you to wind into your hair to give that extra sparkle - many brides wear these wrapped in the back of their hair in place of a veil, and it gives people something to look at when they are looking at the back of your head!  Please contact me for your hair vine requirements.

Other Ideas - I can make up items like circlets that wind round the head for a more close fitting style, which can look incredibly pretty, or silk or lace head-dresses - for instance with silk flowers and beads wired into a circle with ribbons - if you have something special in mind, I am quite open to suggestions, and happy to work along with you!



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