Bespoke Tiaras and Jewellery
Tiara wearing is joyous, fun, and feminine

Want to have your own vintage jewellery made into your tiara?

Perhaps your Gran, your Mum, your sister or your best friend has given you a piece of precious vintage or antique costume jewellery which you would like to include in your tiara...

Firstly, e-mail me with your details including the date of your wedding and any ideas you may have along with photos of your special piece of jewellery and we can discuss your requirements from that stage.

Once you are happy with my design ideas regarding your jewellery, you send me your item and the fun begins - this is where I find out whether it really is possible to incorporate your item into a tiara - if its not, I'll let you know and return it.

I'll work on your piece to produce the tiara you want, we can keep in touch via e-mail if you'd like to regarding progress and your piece will be ready for your special day - and won't your Mum/Gran be amazed to see how you've 'upcycled' her jewellery into something new and gorgeous?

I need at least 8 weeks to work on this project for you - basically, the sooner you can contact me about your requirements, the better. I only take on a few bespoke vintage projects a year, and this service is always popular whilst working alongside current orders and producing fresh 'upcycled' pieces for the site...the earlier you book your piece in, the better.

Looking forward to working with you,



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