Tiara wearing is joyous, fun, and feminine

It seems a thousand years ago, but once I had a "proper job" as a Personnel Officer, indulging in my creativity when time permitted - however, when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I needed to reconsider my career options and went into jewellery and working for myself full time.

I did some silversmithing before deciding working with torches and acids was too scary and hot, and I went down the route of working 'cold'; I can't actually remember whether the jewellery site or the tiara site came first, but since that time I have had the privilege of working for myself and with brides and jewellery customers - it makes me happy that many customers come back time and time again.

The relaunch of this site has been a work in progress for over a year - producing new work has been a pleasure and a challenge; early on it became apparent I could not just rehash old stock from the old site but that I needed a fresh range - strangely this took me straight back to the vintage pieces I retail/hoard on the SLC Designs site - by incorporating vintage and antique treasures into the tiaras I realised that one of a kind tiaras with a special 'something old' element were emerging.

It is my pleasure to make your tiara or your jewellery special and meaningful - if you can't see what you want, feel free to ask - I am a squirrel (well, not literally you understand) and sometimes may have just what you want tucked into a little box somewhere...in the meantime, I do hope you'll enjoy looking round the revamped site and maybe find something you just have to take home.

Kind Regards

Stephanie Lewis-Cooper

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