Talia Heirloom Butterfly Tiara

Delicate in Old Silver and Turquoise....

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Above Is Talia Heirloom Tiara

Talia Heirloom Butterfly Tiara

Heirloom Jewellery and Tiaras are constructed around a vintage or antique piece of jewellery...these are 'upcycled' and made into something unique and amazing for today's bride. These pieces are limited to the vagaries of availability and condition of old pieces of jewellery, many of which are a once in a lifetime find...this means that the probability is that this piece can never be repeated.

Talia Heirloom Tiara; this piece began with a lovely old 1940's silver brooch which has patinated down into an 'old silver' shade - rather than polish it and make it bright again, I thought that colour looked great with turquoise, white and a sort of muted matte neutral which set everything off. I used Swarovski crystal, Swarovski crystal pearls, Czech glass leaves and rocailles with silvertone wire alongside the old silver butterfly; this is a delightfully light and comfortable little tiara which is created on a comfortable handmade band.

Finished off with Swarovski crystal pearls on the band, this is a pretty and delicate one of a kind piece which can be worn either as a conventional tiara or in 'alice band' style..

The butterfly measures approx. 2 inches / 5cm across.

One Only - £115.00


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