Saskia Heirloom Comb

- Bejewelled Vintage Gorgeousness

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Saskia Heirloom Comb

Heirloom Jewellery and Tiaras are constructed around a vintage or antique piece of jewellery...these are 'upcycled' and made into something unique and amazing for today's bride. These pieces are limited to the vagaries of availability and condition of old pieces of jewellery, many of which are a once in a lifetime find...this means that the probability is that this piece can never be repeated.

Saskia Heirloom Comb; believe it or not, this bejewelled hair comb started with an amazing pair of vintage earrings....

Mother of Pearl, brass filigree, glass pearls, Swarovski crystal and freshwater pearl are the starting point for this Heirloom piece - they featured in the original rather large and striking approx. 1980's 'Dallas' style earrings - these made a great base for this goldtone haircomb. I embellished adding vintage brass, goldtone wire, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal and rocailles/seed beads whilst marrying the lot together with the goldtone frame.

Saskia is a romantic, feminine Heirloom piece which will look fabulous in the hair.

The comb measures approx. 3.25 inches /8cm across.

One Only - 75.00


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